ChatGPT parent OpenAI faces a blockchain rival as a new NFT project creates 3D avatars from text

ChatGPT parent OpenAI is currently facing a blockchain rival as a new NFT project releases its own avatar creator tool. ChatGPT creator, Anthony Kaye, has been patenting his Avatar Creator, an application that allows users to create 3D avatars from the text. It is the first platform that allows anyone to create their own avatar or re-color existing ones.

Polygon is working with Alethea AI to launch CharacterGPT, an artificial-intelligence-powered non-fungible token (NFT) project that describes itself as “the world’s first multimodal AI system.”

In an introductory video, the brand says users will be able to type in the text to generate responsive characters with “unique personalities, identities, traits, voices, and bodies.” Users can mint the NFTs at

It remains to be seen whether CharacterGPT will gain the popularity of either ChatGPT or OpenAI’s bot-powered Dall-E, which attracts 1.5 million users a day.

The CharacterGPT blockchain product looks poised to more directly compete with Dall-E rather than ChatGPT, which generates text responses to typed questions. It has created massive interest through its ability to write convincing articles, cover letters, emails, and messages on dating apps.

Dall-E, for its part, has sparked controversy among artists who allege the platform draws from real-life creators and can trick people with how realistic its high-quality images appear. Meanwhile, Alethea AI says CharacterGPT will allow people to create “digital twins,” companions, virtual assistants, and parody figures, among other use cases, according to the company’s website.

“Generative AI is advancing at a rapid rate and has the potential to profoundly impact our lives in the coming years,”

Polygon cofounder Sandeep Nailwal said in a statement:

“I have seen firsthand how Alethea AI has developed this technology over the last few years and through their CharacterGPT AI engine, users will be able to create interactive characters in a matter of seconds.”



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