MoHap Launches 3D Digital Metaverse Assessment Service for Health Professionals

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHap) in the United Arab Emirates has taken a significant step forward in the use of technology in healthcare. The ministry has launched a 3D digital metaverse assessment service for health professionals to provide them with a cutting-edge virtual platform for assessing patients.

The new service will allow healthcare professionals to conduct virtual assessments of patients, enabling them to get a better understanding of their conditions and recommend treatment plans more effectively. The 3D digital metaverse offers an immersive experience for both patients and healthcare professionals, providing a unique perspective on a patient’s condition and allowing for more accurate assessments.

The service will enhance government and private healthcare services’ delivery and streamline systems and procedures while ensuring data security through artificial intelligence (AI).

It will utilize AI technology to ensure personal data and medical certificates match during the assessment process. The ministry has also introduced a novel medical thermal imaging technology, which will be available for use across the UAE after its successful completion of clinical trials with the manufacturer.

3D Digital Metaverse Assessment Service

As per the ministry, the service will offer a 3D virtual world experience coupled with digital sensory interaction testing.

It will simulate a realistic assessment hall and lend access to roles and platforms for the judging committee, invigilators, and examinees. With this, users can showcase any required documents during an assessment, and it will maintain the confidentiality and security of all the related data and records.

It will also facilitate the monitoring of eye movements and analyze facial expressions to ensure a safe evaluation process.

The platform is expected to be a “practical solution” for those who cannot visit a ministry building and need to complete their transactions at distance.

Thermal Imaging technology

Thermal imaging technology will be used to detect diabetic foot inflammation and will enable early diagnosis and keep track of surgical sites to identify infection risk, the ministry said.

It features a small camera linked to mobile phones and can be used in combination with pre-existing imaging techniques, including X-rays, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and CT scans.

The technology will also help in determining the patient’s psychological state, enabled by facial temperature analysis, and through monitoring blood vessels linked with heat-producing tumours in thermal oncology.

The launch is in line with UAE’s aim to enhance its engagement of top talent in key sectors and position itself among the top global talent destinations, as per reported by YourStory.This innovative solution is expected to have a major impact on the healthcare sector, as it provides a more efficient and effective way for health professionals to assess and treat patients. The platform will also help to reduce the burden on healthcare systems, as virtual assessments can be conducted more quickly and easily than traditional assessments, freeing up resources and reducing wait times for patients.

In conclusion, the launch of MoHap’s 3D digital metaverse assessment service marks a major milestone in the use of technology in healthcare. The platform provides a cutting-edge virtual platform for health professionals to assess patients, allowing them to provide better and more efficient care, and contributing to the development of a more advanced and accessible healthcare system for all.




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