Announcement: We’re Rebranding With a New Logo and Website!

We’re excited to announce that as of June 2022, we are rebranding with a new logo, colour scheme, and website. We want to share with you our rationale behind the updates, and what they represent for the Renesis Tech brand and our community.

The color transition from red to green represents two very important aspects.

  1. Our company’s transition into what we have become today. Starting from humble beginnings to being ready to take on the world! 
  2. The process through which we help our clients – is represented by the same stages of difficulties to finally executing a go-to-market strategy.



New Color

The start is always difficult with a lot of roadblocks and survival is key, at this stage navigating your way through the initial obstacles a start-up faces is of utmost importance. The same goes for our clients. As a company that has faced similar problems, we’re in a good position to guide our clients through this phase.

Yellow Color

This is the stage where we improved our processes, enhanced our services and built robust technology stacks to prepare for the ever-evolving tech world. For clients, we keep emphasizing going to market, learning continuously from the actual users (no matter how many there are) and building features accordingly.

Green Color

After all the learning, this is where we are at now. Going global, with footprints in Canada, Dubai and Pakistan – our development infrastructure now allows us to cater to our client’s needs in an effective and more meaningful way. We’ve helped multiple clients raise millions of dollars and helped them execute projects on a global scale!


Website Rebranding

The renewed website includes accommodation for our on-demand services under the Cloud Membership page. Also, we want to show off our UI/UX skills :). Renesis Tech will stay focused on technology development and remain as a forerunner.

I hope you take a minute to look through our website and let us know what you think. You can comment on our LinkedIn and Twitter or email us at



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